Press Quotes Electric Barbarian

Penang jazz fest features great music and vibes

'Contrary to what their name may imply, Electric Barbarian was not a band of lightning-wielding savages, but rather a sophisticated blend of high speed drums, bass, scratching, and vocal and jazz improvisations. Comprising members from the Netherlands, America and Brazil, it was experimental jazz at its finest.


'December 8th 2010
by Jeremy Tan – The Star (MY)

Penang Island Jazz Festival: Malaysia, December 2-5, 2010



Luanda Casella


'The wonderfully named Electric Barbarian sent a few ripples of surprise through the crowd with its avant-garde mixture of urban beat poetry, turntable jiggery pokery, and a deep techno-funk groove. Lead singer Luanda Casella cut a striking figure with her sexy, quasi robotic dance moves....'


December 19th 2010
by Ian Petterson – All About Jazz (US)


Unsigned @ Paradiso

'If they manage to make the big time, they owe it to their stamina. And to the art of permanently reinventing themselves. The new line-up with the flexible, fire-spitting vocalist Luanda Cassela, is particularly strong.'


Koen Schouten – Volkskrant

(23 March 2009)




Bart Maris

'The Greek, and after them the Romans, called everyone a barbarian if they could not understand them, or if their culture was foreign to them. Electric Barbarian, however, can easily be understood, and they have found a line-up and a musical format that fits contemporary music culture to a T.'

Mischa Beckers - Jazzenzo

(27 October 2008)








JazzSaalfelden 2007





'The third highlight, as far as this writer is concerned, was the Saturday concert by Electric Barbarian. The young musicians from the USA, Brazil and Holland bring their own unclassifiable sound. An odd multitude of sounds, which combines language and noise with tones, made for an extraordinary experience on Saturday night.'


Carina Prange - Jazzdimensions

(1 September 2007)

Luanda Casella




'It's the easy way out. You opt for a mixture of jazz and dance music (mainly drum 'n' bass and hiphop), and you do everything on auto pilot. Nice little sample here, bit of rap there, raunchy little sax, Miles-type trumpet – done. This is not how Floris Vermeulen likes to do things. Electric Barbarian's  bass guitarist/composer/leader does not go for junkfood solutions on the CD Minirock from the Sun. He is a refined master chef, who is very picky in his ingredients.'

Herman te Loo – JazzFlits 19

(10 December 2006)


'This record once more brings you into a state of hypnosis, but it does so very subtly. Where él seemed to go in all directions at once in its pure passion, Minirock seems to be more focused. The ADHD child seems to have grown up, and has learnt to take a breather once in a while.'

Mark Hospers - 8Weekly

(2 January 2007)


'From the very first note bassist Floris Vermeulen's band brings the big city, with all its craze, speed and bustle into your living room...'

Maartje den Breejen – Het Parool

(9 January 2007)


'The combination between scratch and looser instruments does not sound contrived,  for once,  and the use of space Vermeulen maintains in his compositions makes Minirock from the Sun into a very tasty album.'


Alex v/d Hulst – OOR

(January 2007)


'Electric Barbarian knows when to take the foot off the gas, and this makes  Minirock from the Sun never dull or monotonous. Jazz for the 21st  century, improv dance? Choose any label you like. It makes me very cheerful, anyway.'

Jo Didderen - Music Maker

(Record of the Month, February 2007)


'Ragadak, that starts off furiously, is astonishing. Especially the way in which the interaction between trumpet and scratches takes off. A very adventurous album that immediately brushes aside any memories of awful fusion.'


‘Big Train’ – Soundslike Jazz

(1 March 2007)



Barb Wire
Werf - 106

Exco - EB 0304


Minirock from the Sun

Exco - EB 0406