Tallinn Estonia June 30, 2006 - Eliis Vennik
Juu Jääb FUTURE MUSIC FESTIVAL: Electric Barbarian made a layered musical journey
"Drum´n´bass and jazz, or in other words, drums, bass and trumpet, are the main components of the group Electric Barbarian. Mix it all together and you get a very modern youthful musical project whose rhythm section sends shivers down the spine and whose trumpet carries you to the realm of dreams... The performance was made even more excellent by the imaginative mixes of DJ Grazzhoppa, the once European DMC Champion, making the music sound club-like..."

PBS 106.7FM Melbourne Australia, 2005 - Kate Crowe
"Electric Barbarian oozes soul and class. The original composition of sound also places in a realm beyond the likes of other artists within this branch of music such as DJ Cam. It lets you make those ultra cool, slightly agitated moves without that 'should I be embarrassed?' glance over your shoulder which you often get with this style of music."

Dagblad van het Noorden (GPD) April 29, 2004 - Peter v/d Heide
"Él is masterfully and open produced and builds a monumental bridge between improvised music, hiphop and live drum-n-bass."

Volkskrant May 19, 2004 - Koen Schouten
Voorbeeldig ensemble
"The loose approach and richness of challenging material make Electric Barbarian an exemplary jazz ensemble, while at the same time performing on rock stage with relaxed ease."

Rif-Raf May, 2004 - PdL
"...aside from all that, good folks like Grazzhoppa and the American Poetic Aggressor KAIN come along to give the whole thing its own unique twist. Absolutely worth a listen."

Music Maker June, 2004 - Pascal Bouma
"...good roles for Kain's poetry and tight scratches from Grazzhoppa. Add up the horns and the drums and you've got 'spoken turntable drum'n horns'. This is innovative/different and really convincingly performed. They sound like clockwork thanks, among others, to the tight mastering of Alan Ward! Tip: Pay attention to the beautiful structure."

JAZZTIMES March 18, 2005 - Larry Appelbaum
Dutch Jazz Meeting
"Friday night began with a sound collective called Electric Barbarian, with electric bassist and leader Floris Vermeulen, and featuring a headphone-wearing trumpeter who kept one hand on his mixer, a turntablist named Grazzhoppa and a drummer prone to mock bodybuilder poses. After an opening instrumental with washes of sound and a pseudo tribal beat, Gylan Kain, one of the founding members of the Last Poets, wailed and ranted his piece about "My Niggaz" with textured accompaniment. At one point he came out into the audience and recited in the face of an audience member who was moved to get up and leave, but not before Kain followed the poor man up the aisle. "Kicking Mickey Mouse in his house", indeed."