Electric Barbarian worked with:

KAIN / spoken word (United States)
The poet has performed with Electric Barbarian as a special guest since 2003. KAIN created masterpieces such as “Blue Guerrilla” (KAIN/1970) and “Right On!” (the Original Last Poets/1971) and as such was one of the earliest influences in the creation of rap music. His style is best described as “Holy Roller Existential Blues” and “Poetic Aggression”.
Kypski / turntables (the Netherlands)
Kypski can often be found on stage with his main project “C-Mon and Kypski”, or in the studio making music. He has played the turntable in various orchestras and bands, including Zuco 103 and SFEQ. Kypski has released two albums: Vinyl Voodoo and Static Traveller. Currently he is working on the “Clocktave” record, a scratch tool involving scratchable notescales and chord progressions.
Serge Adam / trumpet,flugelhorn (France)
As an inhabitant of Paris he is the French Connection in Jazz and Impro music. He is the originator of “Quoi De Neuf Docteur” (record-label and big band) and is considered to be one of the most exiting trumpet players of his generation.
Tony Buck / drums & samples (Australia)
Born in Sydney, he is one of Australia's most creative and adventurous exports with vast experience across the globe. He is leader of impro band “Necks” and is involved in the development of new virtual MIDI controllers at “Steim” in Amsterdam.