Was a great experience, this tour. All recovered from long travel home...

Last days in Malaysia where great. Did a very nice gig @ Restaurant "Le Midi" in KL and after that went on to Penang for the festival. I don't have photo's from that gig but they must be there. There where more or less 15 photographers in front of the stage, the whole concert.

Later that night we had a jam @ the jazzcafe in Batu Ferengi. Was great jamming with all the musicians from the festival. Especially keys-specialist Elchin Shirinov and Trond Bersv, great drummer.


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Tianjin & VA Bar


Everything is late in this blog. Already in Malaysia but here are some things about the last days in the North of China:

After Midi Workshop we had a good diner at the most famous "Beijing Duck" restaurant in town. It seems like the tour is starting to be some kind of culinary travel through China. But to be honest, the gigs are getting better and the band is tight. Playing songs like Link This! and Silhouette makes me feel very good. The duo section between Luanda and Sebastiaan is pretty exciting.

We came down to Tianjin by fast train (300 Km/H) to find the venue in good order. It was a kind of Rock Cafe with a good vibe and soundsystem. Met Jeroen from Holland and he made these photo's. Day after it was back to Beijing again to play the VA Bar in a Hutong near our Hotel. This was a very small venue but it was good for experimenting on our set. Think we did our most experimental set since we came to China.


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Just watch and LAUGH now :)

Our trip to the Forbidden City was just one of the coooooolest things! Seb and me had such a great time watching all the old (and beautiful) things. After that we just wanted to have a laugh...

Later that day we did a peculiar gig at the Club13 in Tianjin. Good sound and the audience was great. One of the things was that we had to climb up 4 stairs with all our suitcases. The other thing was we played the songs and Jeroen was taking pictures: he promised me these are sent so I can post them.

Tomorrow we go to the South again, playing Shenzhen and Guangzhou before taking of to Malaysia.


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Some links and photo's


Just got back from the gig at Yugong Yishan. The gig was great: good atmosphere, great audience and sound was sup!

We did some heavy travel during last couple of days and it feels very good to be back in China. The band got closer and now we are joined by Luanda doing the poems. The first two gigs where also very good. Here are the links to the premiere concert of this tour at Redtory / Guangzhou:

[just copy this link into your browser]

The set is now something like this:
1) Sophie
2) Siren
3) Shuffle Aight!?
4) Left or Right
5) Soul Juggling
6) Link This!
7) Silhouette
8) City Forms
9) Minirock from the Sun

My first day in Beijing is wonderful. We stay in an old Hutong near the center (I think) but tomorrow we will check it out. First concentrate on the workshop at the Midi School in the afternoon. Hope we meet a lot of Chinese musicians there... and make some noise!


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Redtory @ China news



After yesterday's succesful gig in Suzhou, near Shanghai, we have arrived in the north. We just landed in Beijing. Yesterday 400 people showed up in the Han Pu Art center in Suzhou, curious what kind of music was being played. The event was sponsored by an art lover that wanted to surprise the local community. Very few foreigners around ths time, but packed with people, lots of wine and mandarins (?). A concentrated but quiet crowd.

At this very moment the band is sound checking in Yugong Yishan in Beijing. I take some time to prepare the coming gigs and make arrangements. Beijing is where I live, so it feels like a homematch being here. There is a huge difference between the wealthy southern part where we were yesterday: the big cars, luxurious houses. Here in Beijing it is a bit more rough. Closer to cultural events though, also closer to the government. Which showed again a couple of weeks, when I signed the contract with this venue. Since music needs to be free from political context, I had to agree and sign the following:
"I shall ensure legality of this event, and ensure all performers that take part in the event do not violate the Chinese government's laws and regulations on politics, religion and ethnic issues. I should also ensure that performers make no speeches and do not behave in any way that could harme China's image." So: take it easy guys, tonight!


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Here's a little note since we have arrived this evening, or was it in the night....

After a long travel we are back in Guangzhou. The weather is warm and clear and we (George, Lamont and me) met drummer Seb Kaptein at the airport. He flew in from Japan and it's good to get together again after such long time. Getting ready for our first concert of this series we have tomorrow to rest and to set up a great set for the old Can Factory. It's said this was once the biggest canning factory in whole Asia. Now there are exhibitions and parties and a bar and a restaurant and some offices. So if you are near Guangzhou on Saturday come and check us out!

Later more and check out the updated playlist and some press announcements for the concerts,


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