The concerts


Now 4 days back and I was thinking that we had little pictures of the band playing. So, from a couple of concerts & soundcheck Lamont made some great pictures.

Set DCC on June, 19th
- Trumpet solo / words: Trumpetplayer
- Left or Right
- No Regrets
- Down to Earth
- Albert!
- Mother to Son
- Flatted Fifths
- Fenderology
- Consider You / Fire!
- Democracy
- Silhouette
- Variations of Hope

Soon I'll post some Mp3's and Video...


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Shanghai on June 20th,

We just came back from JZ club in Shanghai. Did not play there and also came just to late to catch the band of Alec Haavik, American musician who is working in Shanghai for some years. So no real news to tell you... just that this is a very nice person to meet here.

We got there after a kind of photoshoot with the band at the BUND in the afternoon. That was a real happening! The Bund was filled with people that wanted a picture with the band and specially with Lamont (?!). Also we met a beautiful Chinese twin that reminded me of home.

Before I give you the last pictures of the gigs and all, just enjoy.
X, F


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Update 123...



There where some problems at Hong Kong airport, okay... We are back from our last gig @ DCC in Shanghai. This is a great city and we are at the Jing'An District. Just four metro stops (and a little walk) from the great river Huangpu (

Shenzhen ( was very cool with a welcome of the promoter Peter Lee from Hong Kong Jazz Association. Good food and even better venue and audience.

Here are the photo's from that gig,
Best, F


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Guangzhou No.1



Guangzhou rocks! Check out the pictures. Great sound engineer from NZ and made some very good recordings. Mp3's will be posted on the Shenzhen Daily by Wayne very soon.

I wonder what this band will sound like tomorrow; can it be better? Too bad we can not post any movies because the YT channel is not working here.

Set list:
- No Regrets
- Down to Earth
- Albert!!
- Silhouette
- Mother to Son
- Flattet Fifths
- Consider You
- Democracy
- Left or Right

- Variations of Hope


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and, we are....


Guangzhou, Tuesday June 15th

Now we are off, tomorrow our first show at Club TuTu. It's really warm and very wet! Seems we have the raining-season in South of China, but that don't bother us.

Just had a wonderful evening diner with Rik and Jani in a street that is just 'round the corner. Eating sea-food and drinking some Chinese beer. I think we will be in this kind of places more during the week.

Check out the pictures since we have start our journey.



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First Concert


Friday June 4th 2010

Hi all,

Welcome to the Ghost of Langston Hughes blog for the concerts in China.
One week before the final rehearsal in Utrecht. There are some new tunes that need some rehearsal still. I'm working on a score for Langston Hughes Flatted Fifths and Be-bop Boys:

Little cullud boys with beards
re-bop be-bop mop and stop.

Little cullud boys with fears,
frantic, kick their draftee years
into flatted fifths and flatter beers
that at a sudden change become
sparkling Oriental wines
rich and strange
silken bathrobes with gold twines
and Heilbroner, Crawford,
Nat-undreamed-of Lewis combines
in silver thread and diamond notes
on trade-marks inside
Howard coats.

Little cullued boys in berets
oop pop-a-da
horse a fantasy of days
ool ya koo
and dig all plays.

After the rehearsal it's off to Hong Kong next week Monday.
First concert is in Guangzhou on June 16th, capital of state of Guangdong with a population about 6 Million people.

best, F


by cousinx on Jun 4 2010 11:51